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The purpose of The Tonopah Astronomical Society is to promote interest in astronomy and related sciences in the Central Nevada area for the general public and the club membership. We do this through scheduling telescope viewing session, commonly referred to as "Star Parties," in the Tonopah area and throughout the Central Nevada area and in cooperation with groups having similar interests in the State of Nevada.


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Annular Eclipse of the Sun, May 20th, 2012

This event was an absolute success! Tonopah was lucky enough to be in the path of this annular eclipse so we had a large numbers of visitors from far and wide.  Not only a well attended event but the weather was perfect. Warm and sunny with no wind at all. Thanks to all those who came by and we hope to see you again. 


Transit of the planet Venus, June 5th, 2012 

An event that none of us will ever see again because the next one is over a hundred years off. We all saw the thing but it was windy and very cold. But it was worth  every minute. That big black dot moving slowly across the face of the sun! 


The Ninth Annual Central Nevada Star Party   (CNSP IX)

 CNSP IX was to the biggest and best ever.

Once again the skies were crisp and clear and the wind was calm.

Our two speakers, Amy Lo and Steve Warwick from Northrop Grumman's Space Park facility drew huge crowds to the Tonopah Station for their talk which was enjoyed by attendees at CNSP as well as young and old from Tonopah and the surrounding area. Amy spoke about the James Webb Space Telescope and Steve's topic was  the development of Star Shades (occulters) for exoplanet research.   



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We are finalizing our schedule of events for 2014. 

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Pluto is no longer a Planet!

The 26th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union has made their decision and Pluto is no longer a planet having been demoted to a "dwarf planet." Read the story here from the Sky and Telescope website. 


The moon and Venus hanging over Monte Cristo's Castle for Central Nevada Star Party III 

Photo by Jim Rigby









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